Spot on car salesman.

I visited Steve Pearson car sales to view his stock as I was looking to buy a car as I was selling my campervan,on arrival I had a walk round and saw a car that I had seen on his web site that I fancied,Steve came out and asked if there was anything he could help me with when he saw me having a good look at the one I fancied,he went and got the keys and told me to have a good look and if I needed any further info on the car to give him a shout,what I liked about that was he did not hassle me and let me get one with it,after I had had a good look at the car I went back inside and had a chat and a brew with him and told him I was interested and he told me to pop back later with a deposit and he would get things moving,I found him to very professional with his approach to customer and his stock of vehicles are the best in tameside. P.S. He does a good brew of tea.