When it comes to buying a used car Im as sceptical and cynical about the process as anyone I know. For that reason, until 5 years ago, I invariably bought from people I knew who had decided to upgrade their own vehicles. 5 Years ago I was moving house and intended to completely rebuild the garden at the new property so I decided I at least needed a small hatchback which could double as a workhorse. None of my friends was off-loading at the time, so enter Steve Pearson who reasoned me into a Honda Jazz when my intended buy was a Toyota Yaris. He talked complete sense and he was right. The Honda was a Tardis and subsequently gave me 5 years trouble-free haulage and motoring. My property redevelopment is now completed so time to retire the Honda Tardis. My first thought was to go straight back to Steve Pearson for a replacement and his response didn’t disappoint. He was very quickly in tune with my current needs and within 10 minutes, a deal was done. Everything Steve described about the prospective car proved accurate, and the work he promised to ensure a high pre-sale quality standard was done. I’ve just driven the new vehicle away, completely satisfied with both the integrity of the customer service and the product. Can’t recommend this company highly enough – and that from a confirmed sceptic !